Lmao four years ago!

Great Labor Day with my @soyunadiva! Highly recommend the Red Sangria 🍷 at Adega. The food looked amazing but we ended up eating awesome sushi instead 🍣🍱 @ Manu’s hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Adventures in babysitting last year. I still say we are the best babysitters EVER! (notice Mia’s face) You’re welcome @soyunadiva! @djkk1fam

100% true!

100% true!

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Resistance is futile.

Resistance to what?

Life returns. Life prevails. Resistance is futile.

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“When I asked my da how ye knew which was the right woman, he told me when the time came, I’d have no doubt. And I didn’t. When I woke in the dark under that tree on the road to Leoch, with you sitting on my chest, cursing me for bleeding to death, I said to myself, ‘Jamie Fraser, for all ye canna see what she looks like, and for all she weighs as much as a good draft horse, this is the woman. I said to myself, ‘She’s mended ye twice in as many hours, me lad; life amongst the MacKenzies being what it is, it might be as well to wed a woman as can stanch a wound and set broken bones.’ And I said to myself, ‘Jamie, lad, if her touch feels so bonny on your collarbone, imagine what it might feel like lower down…’”

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