My heart is in mourning tonight. RIP to a man I consider a visionary and an amazing tallent. A man that was nothing but utter class. Fashion won’t be the same without you Mr. Oscar de la Renta. RIP and don’t judge my outfits too harshly from heaven you fashion guru.

October Photo Challenge: Day 20

DAY TWENTY: Strength. You have to have some serious muscle and strength in order to carry a woman’s purse around.

Huge Sale at ThinkGeek

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Not all brides are a size zero. Here are some of my favrotie Plus Size gowns from major designers! #plussize #brides #plussizebride #curvybride Also plus size ladies let me introduce you to @prettypearbride a plus size bridal magazine! @jennypackham @watterswtoo @moniquelhuillier @alfredangelobridal @maggiesottero @mark_zunino @jlm_couture @augustajonesbridal

Not all brides are a size zero. Some are even in the double digits. I know gasp, how shocking! I, for one, could admire a beautiful thin model wearing a gorgeous wedding gown. But the fact of the matter is that brides, come in all shapes and sizes.

As much as I love the sexy back wedding dress trend, I’m a plus size girl. I would look ridiculous in one. The last thing I want, is to be standing at the altar and having people stare at my back rolls. I love it, I think it’s sexy, but not for me.

Luckily, there are some amazing designers that are up with the times, and have dresses for us girls with extra cushion. And here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

Also, most of the JLM Collections are available in size ranging from 2-28. The Wtoo by Watters lines, has a Curvy selection. And even Jenny Packham opened her 2015 collection with a plus size gown.

I can’t wait to see what other designers jump on board. Just because we are large doesn’t mean we don’t care about fashion. I want to look as cute and sexy and a size two. Am I right ladies?

Also, check out Pretty Pear Bride it’s a magazine dedicated to curvy and plus size brides!

For the Curvy Brides Not all brides are a size zero. Some are even in the double digits. I know gasp, how shocking!

Beauty Life Hack from @theantibridezilla - “I’m not a licensed cosmetologist AT ALL. But I play with hair and hair extensions enough that I’ve picked up a few tricks along the way. If you ever dye your hair and the color doesn’t take or you just hate it, wash your hair THOROUGHLY with Dawn dish soap. It will fully strip the hair of any dye. But follow up with a strong deep conditioning treatment after as your hair will be REALLY dry and rough to the touch even when wet. NOTE: this #lifehack is for dying your hair NOT bleaching. If you’ve lifted too much, you’ll need to find another means to correct it.” #beauty #dawn #tips #haircare #haircolor #theantibridezilla

This is 100% true! Guys stop with the quick “easy” way. You want to loose weigh? You have to sweat and work for it.

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Ichabod’s terms of endearment for Hawley

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